How Do I Link My Shades With Alexa?

How Do I Link My Shades With Alexa?

User can also link our Pulse 2 Hub with Amazon's Alexa.  After linking Alexa with Pulse 2 Hub, user can say commands like "Alexa, open shade NAME" , "Alexa, Close shade NAME", or "Alexa Set shade NAME to 30 percent".

Keep in mind that whatever is your blind's/shade's name tell Alexa the exact name. 
If your Shade name is Office Blind, tell Alexa "open my Office blinds". 
If you will say " Alexa open my office shades, this will not work. 
So keep in mind to command Alexa the exact name of the shade. 

From here you can select device and can control it from the app or you can say commands to Alexa. 

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