How Do I Control Multiple Shades From One Channel?

How Do I Control Multiple Shades From One Channel?

Controlling multiple shades from one channel is called a group channel. Follow either of the two methods below to create group channels. 

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    • How Do I Control All My Shades At Once?

      An example video of how to use channel 0 can be found here.  From a 15 channel remote, choose channel 0 (Zero) and all shades on that remote will operate.
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      Once you pair the Pulse 2 hub to the app, you will be prompted to 'Pair a Shade' If you would like to add additional shades or Rooms which allow for group control, see the instructions below When Pairing with 'REMOTE' make sure you wait for a ...
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      The Pulse 2 Hub has a native integration with Google Home - meaning you can control your shades via voice through the Google Home app as well as allow it to work with other Google integrated products! You must have a Pulse 2 Hub and all shades paired ...