How to Re-Add Your Pulse 2 to a New WiFi Network

How to Re-Add Your Pulse 2 to a New WiFi Network

If your hub seems to lose WiFi connection or if you have updated your Wi-Fi credentials, you will need to do Soft reset i.e re-add your Pulse 2 Hub to the new Wi-Fi network. .
Doing soft reset will not remove your devices or scenes/timers from the app, it will just reset the WIFI connection for your Hub

The Pulse 2 Hub can only connect to a 2.4GHz network. Also make sure to turn off all the access points (AP's), WIFI boosters or repeaters just for this pairing process. 

How to Add your Pulse 2 Hub to your New WIFI Network

1. Open Pulse 2 App and select the 3 lines at the top-left of your screen to open the side menu.

2. Select the location your hub is currently paired to.

3. Select the hub you wish to update the Wi-Fi connection on. 

4. Select 'REMOVE HUB' to delete the hub. 

5.  If you are using Android phone go to step 6 below otherwise if you are using iPhone, make sure to delete the hub from home kit app as well. Go to home app, then press 3 dots on the top right corner and go to home settings. From there look for Hubs and bridges and remove your hub from there as well if there is any. 

6. Now from the app select 'ADD NEW HUB' from Automate pulse 2 app and follow the prompts to re-add your hub to the new network. 

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