How Do I Setup My Shade/Motor

How Do I Setup My Shade/Motor?

This article will show step by step, pairing with a Remote and programming the Motor limits for normal operation.
      A new motor will have no programming and it will  first  need to be set up, for it to operate.
      A motor that has had unexpected programming happen, can be reprogrammed in order to restore proper functions.
How Do I Setup My Shade/Motor?
This video shows 6 easy steps to program the motor.
      It begins from factory default settings and starting with no programming.   

The below instructions detail How to Reset a Motor to Factory default.
To ensure your shade is ready to be setup from scratch, factory reset it:
 Press and Hold P1 button continuously, until 4 jogs have been achieved.
 This will be followed by 4 beeps, to confirm the reset.


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